in other news today my class had to end early bc there were gunshots and the national guard started attacking students that were protesting and blocking the entrance of the university

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onewaytrigger said: THE TAG


blondbrett said: ya i mean otherwise its kind of dumb its not as big as tumblr makes it out to be i just like getting free candy

dressing up and the costumes are pretty cool too but we do that on february for carnaval

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onewaytrigger replied to your post:blondbrett said: its exciting for us cuz we get…

It’s almost as if tumblr only cared about american culture

um i have that suspicion too what a coincidence

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blondbrett said: its exciting for us cuz we get free candy

rumine said: It’s a really stupid holiday I don’t blame you
getting mixed signals here lmao but yeah i dont blame you if youre excited like its ur holiday its just like every goddamn post about october and stuff every year for something i dont celebrate wow
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rumine replied to your post:tbh i do care for dany and i enjoy reading her…

okay but even dany knows she’s not a good queen. her whole last adwd chapter is about that
yeah and thats cool its just that people on tumblr who have her on this dragon queen pedestal where shell come and rule with peace and love for 100 years on westeros really piss me off
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tbh i do care for dany and i enjoy reading her chapters and i dont wish for her to have an awful death or anything i just think shes not a good queen and i dont want her on the iron throne

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im adding lordes new song to my sansa playlist that consisted only of dance little liar

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give us the child